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tapi yang baca blog dah lama sangat tak nampak Wan..

sebab nanti balik rumah check balik, aik gambar dia dah hilang?

Through much detective work, Geoffrey was able to speak with various engineers, who each had some part in the manufacture of the old wahs.

He was quite fortunate to get in touch with Thomas' former National Service Manager, prior to the gentleman's retirement.

The values indicated are a reflection of the advantages that LL.com's offer for branding and being recognized as a global leader within the respective industry.

It is a statement that helps shape viewer perception for more efficient marketing.

Lepas dia balik mengaji dia muncung jer sebab dia ingat tak ada surprise. Dah surprise sangat kan, lupa nak amik gambar dia potong kek.

Through this contact he purchased several old wah-wah production files and numerous new-old-stock inductors, and also acquired hard-copies of old microfilm files of a particular inductor used in the prototype wah.

This information led him to the company that had actually manufactured the inductor for Thomas.

Macam tahun lepas tahun ni dia tanya tak ada surprise ke untuk dia. Kalau tengok muncung dia sebelum tu siap boleh ikatlah. Sticker saya ni ni dalam 50 sen sekeping lah kiranya.

Hari Rabu lepas, 2 Ogos 2017 genaplah usia puteri sulong kesayangan kami yang ke 9. 2 slices chocolate Indulgance, Total RM 20.15 (termasuk gst) untuk 5 keping sticker tapi design saya buat sendiri. Mungkin untuk buat goodies hari perkahwinan ke kan.

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Rest assures, whatever files you send are transferred in a way that is very similar to Dropbox and Facebook.

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