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7.9% of Filipino men are married to white women; 27% of Filipino women are married to white men.18.8% of Japanese American men are married to white women; 38.1% of Japanese American women are married to white men. In my recent posts I have talked about my personal experiences abroad but this time on behalf of all black people in Turkey, I don’t care whether you are an African American or a black African; as long as you are black this is probably your everyday life story and these are just higlights.Many people have asked me what’s it like being black in Turkey and I have often responded by telling them that had they asked me that question two years ago I would have said it’s a nightmare that I wish upon no enemy of mine.Dear Korean, Recently, I realized I know more Asian women who are married to white guys than Asian women married to Asian men. Nonetheless, I am bothered by this trend, not on a personal level but more on a macro level. Pete Allow the Korean to open with a poem: 이불홑청을 꿰매면서 As I sew the blanket cover 속옷 빨래를 하면서 As I launder the underwear 나는 부끄러움의 가슴을 친다 I beat my chest in shame 똑같이 공장에서 돌아와 자정이 넘도록 We both return from the factory; until past midnight 설거지에 방청소에 고추장단지 뚜껑까지 마무리하는 아내에게 To the wife who washed dishes, cleaned the room and checked the lid of the gochujang pot 나는 그저 밥달라 물달라 옷달라 시켰었다 I simply ordered, give me food, water and clothes 동료들과 노조일을 하고부터 Ever since I began the labor union with colleagues 거만하고 전제적인 기업주의 짓거리가 The deeds of the arrogant, imperialistic capitalist have been, 대접받는 남편의 이름으로 In the name of the esteemed husband, 아내에게 자행되고 있음을 아프게 직시한다 Perpetrated to the wife; this, I painfully face.

편리한 이론과 절대적 권위와 상식으로 포장된 몸서리쳐지는 이윤추구처럼 Like the shuddering pursuit of profit, wrapped in a convenient theory, absolute authority and common sense, 나 역시 아내를 착취하고 I, too, exploit the wife, and 가정의 독재자가 되었다 Became the tyrant of the home 투쟁이 깊어 갈수록 실천 속에서 As the struggle deepens, in my actions 나는 저들의 찌꺼기를 배설해 낸다 I excrete their dregs 노동자는 이윤 낳는 기계가 아닌 것처럼 That, as the laborers are not the machine that lays profit 아내는 나의 몸종이 아니고 The wife is not a servant of mine; 평등하게 사랑하는 친구이며 부부라는 것을 That she is a friend, a spouse, who loves equally 우리의 모든 관계는 신뢰와 존중과 민주주의에 바탕해야 한다는 것을 That all of our relationship must be based on trust, respect and democracy 잔업 끝내고 돌아올 아내를 기다리며 Waiting for the wife, who will return after finishing overtime 이불홑청을 꿰매면서 Sewing the blanket cover 아픈 각성의 바늘을 찌른다 I prick the painful needle of realization Pete's question is common among Asian American men.This was a subject of debate whilst I was in Turkey.Together with my friends we put together a list of possible reasons that Turkish men 1: Foreign women look "special" compared to the usual Turkish women.The R1a have only one sugroup there the R1a1a1g2* and it is almost absent in that region In 2011 there were 200,000 Turks married to "foreigners" these don't include the foreigners that have Turkish National status, which I am sure would bump that figure up.I think it is a subject worth discussing since it seems to be part of the Turkish male history to want to marry non Turkish women.

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