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Even well after the fact, he has kept his focus on his job, his team and his integrity.Last year, his team was depleted by injuries and he kept putting his team on his back, winning games and lead by example. Aaron Rodgers You should have stuck with defensive players.

Fourth, the player must make big plays that stand out, even among the best of his peers. "My rep is James Harrison, mean son of a bitch who loves hitting the hell out of people." James Harrison intimidates in every sense of the word. You opened by proposing that Aaron Rodgers is the most intimidating player in the NFL.As a last resort, protect with violence, intimidate with resolve and conquer with righteous rage.When considering Intimidation tactics, most people would probably say the most intimidating thing about a person is their observable size and strength. As you peruse the list below, you may be surprised to find there are two factors even more intimidating than a massive muscle ripped juggernaut...Whatever the case may be, continue reading to see our list of the most intimidating majors that might be able to earn you 0K.Methodology To create our list of the most intimidating degrees, we looked at four data points from the National Center for Education Statistics and the Bureau of Labor Statistics, based on a matching system that aligns degrees with related careers.

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  1. “There was a moment there when it was getting really bad and everyone was being let go,” Branch recalls. As it turned out, new WBR chairman Rob Cavallo, who took over in September 2010, had a history with Branch, both as a collaborator and friend.