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Sure, the technology might not be in every home In short, no, not really. The screen on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge we fitted within the Gear VR headset may be stunning, but put it within mere millimetres of your eyes and you can pick out each and every one of its 2560 x 1440 pixels.

Yes, it gave new levels of realism to the conversation, one that squinting at Skype on a small laptop or smartphone screen just can't match, but it has its own reality-failing issues. Add into this low stream qualities and that Olympic hero in front of you – or more likely your mate or sibling when it becomes the norm – is rendered a largely blurry mess.

Thought streaming Netflix put your broadband under a lot of strain?

"We aren't using Kinect to snoop on anybody at all," said Microsoft's Phil Harrison.

Read More The trouble for Microsoft is that in China you have to play by its rules.

Exactly how much data is handed to or acquired by the Chinese government from Skype users, however, is not yet known.

While the set-up might still be a faff – it took a team of Samsung techs a good 30 minutes to get things running and tested for our conversation – the actual tech needed for a transatlantic VR chat is already readily available and affordable too.

Though it meant we wouldn't get to spend a couple of days kicking about in the Rio sun, this was still a pretty exciting prospect. THE TECH BEHIND THE WORLD'S FIRST VR INTERVIEWJust as your parents are finally getting used to Skype, VR's coming along to make digital conversations a whole lot more engaging, but a damned sight harder to understand.

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