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Not much is known about the Llama serial number sequencing, so we are attempting to do a database spreadsheet.

For all practical purposes, we are looking at the handguns produced under the "Llama" name, and not the earlier Gabilondo y Cia products. Please list model name/number, caliber, year code (if available) and serial number.

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I'll have to look up the .22, and I've never been sure of the exact modle of the others.Hannah Gaber/Mo Money Pawn Shop requires an extensive background check in order to purchase a gun.General manager Byron Vaughn explains a typical situation at the shop, where police say the "Serial Street Shooter" suspect sold a gun.Public safety reporter Megan Cassidy and breaking news editor Lindsey Collom break down some of what was learned when a judge ordered the unsealed Form IV document relating to the case against Aaron Saucedo.Hannah Gaber/Reporter Megan Cassidy speaks with community activists Lydia Hernandez and Dee Dee Garcia Blase, who are seeking more information regarding the arrest of Aaron Saucedo, suspected in the "Serial Street Shooter" case.

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