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Dating rumours surfaced after an insider said that the pair was spotted together at the airport without their respective managers while another source saw them leaning on each other to rest.The latter explained that “anyone could tell they were dating” and Kibum even allegedly lent Hyoyoung his arm for her to rest on.Kibum was a member of popular boy group Super Junior while Hyoyoung is the identical twin sister of former T-ara member Ryu Hwayoung. ; born December 29, 1990), now better known by his stage name in Japan Allen Kibum, is a South Korean idol singer, dancer, actor and television host.In 2008, Kibum together with 5 other members of U-Kiss made their official debut with their first mini-album N-Generation.The title track from the album was Not Young an upbeat track that displayed the youth of all the members, and that they themselves are no longer boys.The unnamed agency of the pair clarified that both celebrities got to know each other through the web-drama, but they are not in any “special relationship”, reiterating that the co-workers are only friends.

His mother was sick after giving birth and his father was busy with work. But recently, I’ve been getting news from fashion-related people. I’m looking forward to hearing updates on the fall/winter fashion! Lately, what is the most delicious food you’ve eaten? The entire dish is handmade and it’s delicious, really delicious. It said that Ahn Sohee joined Key East Entertainment because of Kim Soo Hyun's recommendation. Gong Yoo was super busy back then and the agency even planned to take legal actions against the community sites who spread the rumor. However, the agency responded and it wasn't true about it. After acted together in a movie Finding Mr Destiny, there's a rumor about a secret wedding of Gong Yoo and Lim Soo Jung on 2011. Park Seo Joon and Baek Jin Hee were acted as a couple in 2013 MBC drama, Pots of Gold. This weekend is all about lookin' back in the past! The catch is, the contents must be from 2005 or earlier! cr: to the owner Name: Key (Kim Kibum) Height: 5’11 Birthday: September 23rd, 1991 in Daegu, South Korea. Furthermore, he stated that he wanted to announce it on his own because it didn’t feel right for him to announce it through his company. A: I still have a lot of things I want to do so if I could, I want to get married late~. Biography: Key was a varsity water-skier in Dae Gu Yeong Shin Middle School and is known for his multilingual talents since he spent six weeks on an exchange in America. Random facts/Q&As from Seek Magazine in September of 2014.

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However, both of their agencies respond about it and it was not true that they're dating.

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