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She’s never e-dated before, and hasn’t had much luck meeting men in her women’s studies courses, but is looking for someone with a similar schedule and lifestyle – ideally another student, she [email protected] T allows her to search candidates by appearance, lifestyle, and academic specialty.Within academe, there’s a huge stigma around mental health issues such as depression, schizophrenia, or bipolar disorder.Katie Rose Guest Pryal’s regular column on Vitae gives a lot of excellent advice on how to treat your colleagues fairly if they have psychiatric disabilities.But advisers should also be aware of how they treat graduate students.Unfortunately, the stigma around mental illness means that many students don’t seek help. Seriously, when I first heard someone say that, I thought it was a joke. One guy said it was because there were a lot more women than men in his program. And a third fellow said it was because people work on similar projects and automatically have common interests.

Before launching, Sparkology held focus groups to ask young professionals what's wrong with the current online dating sphere and also asked what users want from a dating site.“Students discovered that mundane things like the bottoms of worn-looking doors and the ends of wood beams high up in walls turned out to preserve key historical information,” Manning said.“The saying about 99 percent perspiration and 1 percent inspiration was also discovered literally to be true, again, as hard work and care were needed to get every sample including forensic cleaning and sanding to get useful scans of the worn bottoms of some historic doors.” The seminar was organized as part of an ongoing collaboration between The Science and Technology in Archaeology Research Center (STARC) of The Cyprus Institute and the Cornell Tree Ring Laboratory and the Department of Antiquities of Cyprus.Undergraduate and graduate students from Cornell worked with collaborators in Cyprus to apply tree-ring dating to clarify the ages of parts of the church of the Holy Cross at Palendri, a 12th century AD cultural heritage monument in Cyprus.The students participated in a seminar on dendrochronology and architectural history held on June 14th at the Church of the Holy Cross in the village of Pelendri, led by Sturt Manning, Goldwin Smith Professor of Classical Archaeology, and Cyprus Institute Professor Nikolas Bakirtzis.

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And because many advisers think that stress, anxiety, and feeling overwhelmed (all potential signs of something more serious) are a normal part of grad school, they are often reluctant to suggest students seek help. It might be a joke, but it’s one that reveals certain heteronormative gender expectations. I simply did not hear this piece of advice directed at me as a woman.

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