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In fact, statutory rape usually does include the element of consent.

However, the law considers that a minor is not legally capable of giving their consent to this act.

The name of the site, Men2Men RI, was intentional because we want this site to be helpful to all Rhode Island men who like other guys, regardless of how they choose to define themselves.What exactly does statutory rape mean and what are the legal consequences of committing the act? Humphrey is here to answer that question and provide solid defense.Definition of "Statutory Rape" in Rhode Island The term "statutory rape" refers to sexual activities between an adult and someone below the age of consent (16 years old).Rhode Island is a great place to live – it has great beaches, terrific restaurants, and nice cities/towns, but it can sometimes be hard for Gay/Bisexual guys to learn about what’s going on in the community and feel connected to other men.The goal of this website is to create a way for guys to learn from other guys about “the gay scene” in Rhode Island, as well as easily get information about being healthy and finding a doctor that meets their needs.

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