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There are many uses for the Chatlight, including lighting up selfies, keyboards, books and videos.

How did you come up with the idea for this product?

Working parents and grandparents who Face Time with their toddlers can take heart from a new study that sheds new light that on young children and how they engage in—and learn from—screen-time interactions.

Does your toddler's video chat with Grandma equal quality interaction time, or just more "screen" time entertainment? D., a developmental psychologist who studies children's cognitive and social-cognitive development, and her team at the Lafayette Kids Lab at Lafayette College in Easton, Pa., will publish their study "Baby Face Time: Can toddlers learn from online video chat?

After one week of video chatting, children in the Face Time (live) condition learned social information -- that is, they preferred and recognized someone they had previously only 'met' via video-chat -- and cognitive information, learning new words and patterns.

Learning occurred from video chat only when children talked to an on-screen "partner" who responded to them in real time, and learning did not occur when the partner was pre-recorded and couldn't actually see or hear the child.

Today Facebook Messenger added "Instant Video" to it's i OS and Android app, allowing you to easily share live video while still in a text chat.

Once more than six people are on the call, just the dominant speaker is shown to all participants.

SMARTASSISTANT has partnered with Sale Move, a live engagement solution, to provide a Live Guided Solution, which now enables businesses to combine live chat and Co Browsing with interactive advice for a more personal customer experience.

The SMARTASSISTANT Digital Advice suite provides businesses in all industries and of all sizes with a comprehensive and complete technology solution that helps them serve their customers better throughout the entire customer life cycle.

By using the newest LED technology, Chatlight's durable bulbs last over 50,000 hours and up to 120 minutes on a single charge. It fits perfectly on any smartphone, tablet or laptop and many desktop computers.

No need to constantly buy batteries as Chatlight can be plugged in to a standard wall outlet or any USB port to recharge in approximately 60 minutes.

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