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Take things slow and maybe contact them once or twice a week just to ask them how they’re doing.

If you’re getting positive responses from them, then up this frequency and build that comfort once again. Rushing things will most likely not end well for you.

Both had previously worked with her, and the pair hoped that she would be willing to accept the role.

Smith had been a long-time fan of the writers' work, and enjoyed the way the format of Inside No. She was "gripped" by the script, and accepted the role; during filming, she said she was "over the moon" to be working with Pemberton and Shearsmith.

In this one, I will be giving some tips on how to get them back.

“Women don’t generally give you a second chance.” Here are the 10 worst mistakes to avoid when you’re texting a woman. You might not kiss and tell, but your texts are read aloud to, picked apart by, and compared with her nearest friend.

Ladies can smell a mass text from a mile away—especially when Sarah and Lauren are actually roommates.

So you’ve now decided that it’s a good idea to get back with your ex after thinking it through. If they’re the ones who want to get back together with you, then you don’t really have much to worry about.

However, sometimes you’re the one that needs to do the extra mile.

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If you have feelings to share, pick up the phone or run the risk of sounding pathetic.

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