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18th century - Sheffield Plate invented (a sandwich of copper between 2 thin sheets of silver).1773 - Sheffield Assay Office founded to verify the quality of sterling silver.See The Leatherman Difference » For real life The three things you need to conquer your everyday: your know-how, your own two hands, and your Leatherman. Together, you’re prepared for anything life throws your way.How can I use a Leatherman, and which one is right for me?I also have a section on this site of knives for sale.My handle on e Bay and all of the knife forums is "tunefin K".Here is a collection of shields, and my attempt to put a date of use with them.Most of these are educated guesses, based on other factors.

Originally, shields on knife handles were mostly for decoration. I finally remembered where I saw the bottom, left shield at.I take great pride in my reputation as a knife collector and my feedback supports that.Please feel free to click the "contact me" link at the top of the page if you are interested in anything I have.One edge of the party fork can be used as a cutting edge and the surface of the fork area is concave or spoon-like.The finest cutlery has been produced right here in the city of Sheffield for centuries.

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