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Public channels (also called channels for short) are the most important kind. There are three kinds of channels: public channels, private groups, and direct (1-on-1) messages.

This allows you to chat freely knowing what you say will be deleted from the other person’s device.

New team members can join a channel and read all the information previously shared by other users. Public conversations help you build a knowledge base of your organization with minimal effort. Use private groups for subjects that are sensitive, confidential, or limited to a small group of team members. The administrator sets the permissions that determine who can invite others to a private group.

To access a server you will need to connect to it, register an account and login. Chat server you can manage your account and configure profile, avatar, security, localization and notification settings. Use channels for conversations that are open to your entire team. Channels make it easy to find what’s going on with your team.

When a new private chat is created it is automatically marked with a special color and is given a default name.

Click on chat icon to upload your own custom image. Private chat users can share files, make voice & video calls: Chat notifications can be disabled as well.

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These messages include public and private player chat, as well as game messages.

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